A Look At The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

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Your survival kit should include a pocket saw, but most on the market are garbage. Check out the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw before you go out and grab one for your bag.

Does Your Survival Kit Have A Pocket Chainsaw?

The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is an item for serious preppers, outdoor enthusiast and general adventurer. You’ll need outdoor survival skills such as knowing how to build a shelter, etc. with the wood and material you find in the wild.

That’s exactly what the portable chainsaw can assist you with (not the skills, but rather the application). If you need to cut wood into smaller pieces for your fire or to build an improvised shelter, the pocket chainsaw can be just as effective as an axe, and a lot easier to transport.

Why Not Just Pack an Axe instead?

Axe in firewood

Most people think that using an axe is easier, but that’s not necessarily the case. A saw when properly used can be very effective and an efficient use of energy for the crafter.

Besides just using it to build shelter, this pocket saw could bail you out of potentially critical situations. While this is a bold claim to make, let’s look at a few scenarios.

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw in action cutting a tree

A Few Pocket Chainsaw Scenarios

If you’re trying to evacuate the area because of an impending hurricane and a tree has fallen across the road and is blocking your path, this Sportsman chainsaw will help you to saw the tree into half so that it’s easier to move the logs. That said there is still quite a bit of effort in sawing through a large tree with a pocket saw. I don’t want to mislead you with a bunch of sales pitching. But, nonetheless it is capable of it, and there are very few items I know of at such a small convenient size that they could easily be stashed away in the glove box that can make the same claim.

All you need to do is secure the log with some paracord that acts as a tow line and your vehicle can drag away the log. This is easier done with smaller logs… and the pocket saw will help you saw a big log down into more manageable pieces.

Another more brutal application is that the saw can be used as a weapon. In fact, a pocket saw is given to soldiers in various militaries around the world. Besides just being a saw, the flexible nature of the saw makes it a garotte that can be used to dispatch enemies silently and quickly. While not really the intended purpose, it’s a possible option if you find yourself needing to dispatch an enemy combatant in a gruesome way 🙂

Jokes aside it is a solid tool to pack.

The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is very popular on Amazon and has a high rating along with hundreds of customer reviews that are mostly positive. The saw does its job alright.

Unlike cheap knock-offs, the Sportsman saw doesn’t break and most importantly, the saw chains are long enough to cut bigger logs of wood. Most pocket chainsaws are about 24 inches long. The Sportsman model is 36 inches long.

What does that mean? It means that your strokes will be longer and coupled with the bi-directional teeth, the sawing process will require less effort and be much faster. The chainsaw is self-cleaning during the sawing, so it will not get clogged fast.

Constructed with a high carbon chain that’s 65mm thick, the teeth can be sharpened with a chainsaw file. This saw will last you a long time. The handles with the rugged cross-stitches will give you a much better grip during the sawing process.

This is a top-shelf product and the brand, Sportsman Industries, has been featured in the media such as Fox News, NBC, CBS and several others. This is a credible company.

The saw’s extremely tough, highly durable and yet, compact and portable enough to easily pack in your bug-out bag. You can’t go wrong with it.

You can give it a try and see if it works for you, because the product has a lifetime guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can get a refund. This is literally a risk-free purchase. The saw is so good that Sportsman is willing to assume all the risk. The pocket chainsaw is definitely worth getting and trying out.



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