Economic Collapse Is A Threat | Here are a Few Skills You Should Learn

Economic Collapse

Skills to Learn in an Economic Collapse

To survive an economic collapse, you need to have some crucial skills. Having the right skills helps you protect your valuables and keep your family safe during uncertainty.

An economic collapse forces you and your family to the limits, so being prepared is a must. We will take a look at some fundamental skills you’ll need to survive an economic collapse. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know some basic skills to develop and survive despite what happens around you.

Rustic kitchen food storage arrangement in glass jars

Food Management

You must eat, even during an economic collapse. Running out of food puts you and your family at risk during a time of crisis. That is why you must learn how to manage your food supply effectively.

Gathering enough food to survive a crisis is the first step. Build up a stock of basic everyday staples and make sure you store them correctly to maximize longevity. Try to get as much food as you can. Hunting is also an excellent skill to have during an economic collapse.

Even with food stores there is a possibility of running out. So you should learn how to forage. In most countries, edible foods are grown on plants. If you know what plants to look for and learn to identify them, then you’ll always have food to eat. You have to be careful, as some poisonous plants consist of the same characteristics as edible plants, so this is an area that takes some practice and patience in learning. Anything containing mushrooms and fungi should be avoided as these can be poisonous unless you are 100% confident on the identification. 

Having seeds also gives you the power to grow your food. You can start your garden and increase the foods you need to live. Gardening and growing your food gives you access to unlimited amounts of food and is a great step toward true self reliance.

Drink Better Water with Berkey Filters


Water is another important resource of survival during an economic collapse. Learning how to find and purify water can be the difference between life and death. Water is crucial for your body. Without sufficient water, you can die of thirst.

Again like the storage of food, you want to gather as much water as possible. Collect as much water as you can, as fast you can. Due to panic, people will be collecting as much water as possible. If you run out of water, you must learn how to find and purify it.

The biggest concern about finding water is parasites and other bacteria. Getting rid of those bacteria and parasites from the water supply is essential. Boiling water is the simplest way to make it fit for consumption. Before boiling it you want to filter it. If you have a commercial filter such as ,LifeStraw Sawyer, or even Berkey you can use them as stand alone. (Read our Review of LifeStraw vs. Sawyer HERE) If you don’t you still should strain the water through a filter or sorts even if of the homemade triple filter style. 

Filtering your water before boiling removes the larger debris and makes it more palatable. 

Campfire with a cooking pot

Make Fire

As an economic collapse goes on, simple resources such as electricity and  cooking gas can run out. When it does, you’ll need another way to cook your food or boil your water and stay warm. So learning how to build a fire is an essential skill if you will survive a crisis.

There is a degree of difficulty in creating a fire, especially when certain conditions aren’t ideal. For example, if the air is damp or area materials are wet it can be more challenging, but there are ways around all those problems. This is why it’s important to begin learning the skills and training them now while you have the luxury of not needing it to survive. 

Initial ignition is the challenge for most inexperienced in firecraft. So, it’s always a good idea to have a way to start a fire, such as a lighter, matches or Ferro rod on hand. You’ll need wood, so storing some up ahead of time can help you out here. Get as much wood as you can because staying warm is fundamental.

Self Defense

During an economic collapse,  most people will only care about survival, and keeping your family safe is vital. Knowledge in the areas of tactics, self defense and firearms employment can help ensure your families safety. In addition, stocking up on guns, knives, and ammunition puts you in a better position to protect your loved ones as well as provide potential valuable bartering assets.


The most accessible and most basic form of self-defense is avoidance. Do your best to avoid confrontation at all costs. Stay inside your home, or out of view as much as possible, and when venturing out beyond your established safe zones ensure you have adequate protection on you as well as fall back plans if things go wrong.

First aid training

First Aid

During a period of economic collapse, essential emergency services may not be available. However, by having a primary First-Aid kid on hand, you can save your life or the life of a loved one if you get injured. It would benefit you now to seek out and take some first aid training during stable times. I would recommend a CPR course, Basic First Aid Course, as well as moving into more specialized and advanced courses (Wilderness Survival Aid) as your time and budget allow. 

In addition to the knowledge you’re going to want to have a number or supplies on hand and stocked. During this period, you also may not have access to regular medicines. However, natural herbs such as echinacea, ginseng, elderberry, and turmeric can treat a whole host of ailments when there are no other options available. Additionally, if you start now you can stock some traditional medicine and in some cases even get a physician to work with you in establishing an emergency backup stock. 


Having the right survival skills during a time of economic collapse is essential to your survival. By learning these skills outlined in this post (along with others), you give yourself a higher chance of surviving and mitigating potential problems you may face. When an economic collapse happens, you have to be prepared for the Long haul, which can last for a few years or potentially never get back to your normal way of life.

We can’t always control what life throws at us, but we can control what we’re equipped with to handle it. Begin equipping  yourself now with the knowledge, skills, and resources you can to ensure you weather the storm.



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