Crisis Crimes | 3 Of The Most Common You Should Be on Guard For

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Crisis invites crime. In this article we discuss 3 of the most common types you should be aware of!

A couple of years ago, the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime published an article about how economic crisis can trigger a rise in crime. You can read the article here: http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/frontpage/2012/February/economic-crises-can-trigger-rise-in-crime.html
While this is true, it’s not just economic crisis that causes crime to increase. Any crisis from racial riots to even natural disasters can cause a spike in crime. There’s 2 reasons for this.
Firstly, law enforcement has its hands full dealing with the crisis and has to mobilize its officers to be first responders to possible casualties. So, there’s less emphasis on patrolling. Criminals grab this opportunity to go on crime sprees.
Secondly, when a crisis strikes and people are desperate, they’ll resort to violence to meet their needs. Either way, as a prepper, you must be aware that the stakes have gone up.
In this article, we’ll look at 3 crimes that can occur when there’s a crisis. While these crimes definitely occur during peaceful times too, there is an increased incidence of such incidents when law and order collapses.

Robber in black balaclava cracking door with crowbar
  • Break-ins and intruders
    Burglaries will probably rise because food supplies may be low and people are hoping to get food from the houses they break into. During a crisis, people will rob for more than just money. Depending on how bad the crisis is, they may be looking for food, water or whatever supplies they can salvage.

    It’s important to boost your home security to prevent such incidents. Make sure your windows and doors are locked. Do not invite intruders into your home by providing easy access.
    Windows are especially vulnerable because they only have one catch that can be easily broken just by using a crowbar as a lever. You’ll need to secure your windows well.
    Do not leave spare keys under floor mats or flower pots. Burglars know how to look in those places too.
  • Rapes
    Intruders who break into a house may decide to rape a female who is all alone there. It is a crime of opportunity and it happens. Sexual assaults can also occur outside the home. If there is a power outage in certain parts of the city, the areas will not be well-lit.
    An attacker will be able to gag and drag a woman into a dark area and have his way with her. You must be alert and have a weapon on you, just in case. Ideally, you should avoid such areas and be situationally aware.
  • Bag snatching
    Another common crime. Usually, the thief will snatch your bag and run off. In some cases, the theft may occur while you’re in your car and waiting at a traffic light. The thief quickly reaches in grabs the bag and bolts off.

    For crimes like this, your best course of action is to either shout for help or let the thief go. It’s best not to keep all your valuables and money in one handbag or wallet. Chasing a thief might cause him to stop, turn around and physically assault you. Unless you’re a well-trained combatant, you don’t want to be in this position.

    These are just some of the possible crimes that may affect you. Of course, there are other crimes like looting, vandalism and other less savory activities. But for the most part, the ones mentioned here affect you directly.

    Be prepared and take up self-defense classes and it’s best to own a firearm or some non-lethal weapons like chemical sprays and tasers to help you in the event you’re facing someone who wishes to rob or hurt you. Like former President Ronald Reagan said, “Self-defense is not only our right. It is our duty.”

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