Our Purpose

  • Foster a worldwide community of highly skilled, law-abiding citizens working together to make us all less vulnerable.
  • Provide clients with the Mindset and Mechanics necessary to dominate in the domains of survival, tactics, fitness, and preparation.
  • Enable entrepreneurs to pursue their passion for teaching.

ad victoriam

Our Motto: Latin for β€œto victory,” this motto was the clear choice when looking for a simple way to express our personal and professional goals. As a celebratory toast over a campfire in the backwoods or an inspirational battle cry in the face of danger, ad victoriam reminds us all that failure means an unacceptable loss and so these things we do in practice we do for victory in real-world application.

Defining a Modern Warrior

A Modern Warrior is an individual that seeks to master skills critical to self-reliance and personal defense all while blending with the society they live in. As such the Modern Warrior is a lifelong student of their craft regardless of their expertise in any given discipline, recognizing that complacency and overconfidence are two of the most dangerous enemies for the Warrior. Modern Warriors move freely through the role of student, teacher, and defender throughout their lives as circumstances dictate.

In short, a Modern Warrior is a resilient and adaptive individual dedicated to life and freedom and prepared to defend those two at all cost.

The Modern Warrior Creed

I am a Modern Warrior.

I am dedicated to preserving freedom and our way of life.

While others blindly follow I courageously lead.

While others squander opportunity I seize it; While others surrender I fight; While others grow complacent I refine.

Though I embrace life I do not fear death. I willingly suffer during training so that I prevail during times of need. I trade my blood, sweat, and pain today for a victory tomorrow.


No Law Abiding Citizen should ever live in fear

Expert Training should be accessible to all

Relationships far outweigh revenue

Our Approach

Our approach to training is nested firmly in one undeniable truth – success is a mindset. Regardless of the curriculum, every training program we create shares the common objective of changing the way our Clients think in order to provide them with the tools necessary to win the day. The MWP model focuses on developing the four foundational blocks which support victory in any critical situation:

Survival | Tactics | Fitness | Preparation

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