Comprehensive Situational Control

One way that MWP training is so unique and successful is that our catalog is built around CSC, a mindset-based system that enables students to better apply the mechanics developed in all other training we offer. The philosophy, terminology, and basic Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) established in CSC academics find their way into every discussion, drill, and practical exercise students undertake. This method maximizes retention and positive habit transfer even in extremely unfamiliar or high-stress life-threatening encounters.

Although not a required prerequisite for attending most MWP training events, we highly encourage the 8-hour block as a stand-alone or add-on course for students new to the Modern Warrior catalog. We also offer a compressed 4-hour course to develop the absolute essentials and a more robust full 2-day classroom/experiential combination for the most in-depth look at the system and how it is best applied in the real world.

CSC is an exceptionally modular system and can be expanded or focused to complement any custom training event clients need.