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MWP Update FI
Feb 5-11 Highlights of videos, courses and more that we added this week.

This Week at the Project

Every week we’re hard at work creating content that we think you’ll like. Being we’re pushing out so much we wanted to create this weekly article push as a place where you can scan through and see the highlight in case you missed something.

The content listed here are published on 

Modern Warrior Project Site



And Our Podcast locations (our server, Spotify, Amazon,  etc..)

In addition to this we also publish a daily Newsletter and a few other specific special contents direct to the client. 


Don’t Stand Out When Bugging Out

Pangasius With Emperors

RiceHydro Flask Short Review Video

MWP Fitness Recipe Pull Pork w Rice noodle

Loaded 115 Demo Exercise Videos (to be published to MWPU)

Sumo Squat Demo

3 Prepping Podcast Episodes




MWP Guide to growing fruit tree

Pratt’s Livestock

How To Make Your Own Scotch


The Sick Room

Chicken Coop Considerations

Know Your Eye Dominance

Gains with Grains

You Need a Generator


Prepared Warrior Series (Food) 60% Complete)


3 Episodes of T2 Calls (08 Sec. Intervals)

Launched Modern Warrior Podcast:

How Much Should Your Bug Out Bag Weight

Prepping And Fitness

Prepper Planning



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