Atomic Lighter by BulbHead – Fuel-free – ReChargeable

The Atomic Lighter

Lighting things in an emergency can be scary if you are out of fuel. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about that any longer. The atomic lighter by Bulbhead is the easiest way to get something lit without needing lighter fluid. This small lighter is handy to stick in your pocket, your survival kit, or to just keep in your car. It is fully rechargeable so that you never have to buy another lighter again. It also holds the charge for a very long time. Forget about buying lighter after lighter that only seem to work well for a month or so. You can now have a lighter that is going to last you for forever.

Best Features

This lighter is really small and compact, meaning you can use it for many different uses. It is perfect to stick in your jean pocket whenever you need to light something, you can use it while out hiking or camping, and it doesn’t require anything special like flint. It holds the electric arc for a while, and the best part is that it is completely wind proof. There are so many times that a small gust of wind will blow the flame out, but that’s not true with this one. You’ll never have a problem with it holding it’s electric arc. There is no flame, no spark, and no danger. It is the safer choice for a lighter. Also, it is charged with a micro USB. The charge holds for a long time, and it only needs to charge for an hour or so before it is ready to go. There’s nothing about this lighter that you won’t like. It works well, is designed modernly, and looks very sleek.

What's Included

You will receive the lighter and the cord to charge it.


The lighter only has to charge an hour long. It holds the charge for an hour of lighting, which is a fairly long time. You can also prolong the charge by turning the lighter off in between uses. The on and off switch is great for safety measures because children won’t know how to light it when it is off. It’s easily one of the coolest lighters you can carry, so that is also a plus. If you want to show off while lighting something, others will be amazed with the cool electric arc this creates. It does create a little bit of noise when lighting, but that only adds to the appeal of it all.


Some users experienced an issue with the unit holding a charge for as long as it advertised.


Final Verdict

If you are sick of the traditional lighters that you buy at the store, you’re in luck. This is one of the coolest and best lighters out there. Whether you’re using it to light a campfire, or for emergencies, this lighter will not let you down. You should not hesitate to purchase this electric arc designed lighter


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