XR-1 Combat Rescue Folder Knife Review

XR-1 Review
If you're in the market for a new tactical folder adapted for the rescue professional don't get one before you check out this review on the XR-1 by Ontario Knife Company.

Let’s Talk the XR-1 Combat Rescue Folder

If you’re in the market for a new pocket folder you may want to consider the XR-1 by Ontario Knife Company. A few years ago while I was still in the Army I was given one to test out for consideration as a new addition (or replacement) for one of the survival kits issue items to Soldiers. After the evaluation, I was allowed to keep the knife and it has been my most often carried pocket knife since. I’ll add here that I own quite a few excellent quality knives such as a Benchmade automatic knife that are great options, however for me this one is simply my first goto. It held up very well during my testing of it which incorporated a wide variety of field uses and abuse and has held up over the test of time to this point.

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The XR-1 knife has an excellent ergonomic design and fits my hand particularly well. This is one of the biggest reasons I like it so much. For me, it just feels right. It incorporates an ambidextrous dual thumb stud on the blade for quick opening with either hand. The ergonomic thumb stud placement makes it very user-friendly and quick to open. Furthermore when open my hand wraps it very well and finds its home in the handles built-in finger groove. The knife also has a built-in solid working strap cutter that has a replaceable blade feature and is perfect for the rescue worker that finds themselves in the need of a seat belt cutter. Though I will mention I did a cursory search for the replacement blades on Ontario Knife Company’s site and didn’t find them. An email to the company could easily answer the question as to whether they are still available for purchase.

At the end of the blade opening the XR-1 knife has a small but effective glass breaker and on the opposing end, there is a durable lanyard hole for those who choose to utilize one. Another cool feature that Ontario Knife Company added to it is a reversible pocket clip that can easily be swapped to the other side via four Torx wrench screws. The blade of the knife is retained in the open position via a dual titanium liner lock that is reliable, yet easy to disengage when desired.
You can check out my video review below.

XR-1 Pros
XR-1 Knife Cons

Specifications of the XR-1

Overall Length:8in
Blade Length:3.375in
Cutting Edge: 3.25 in
Blade Thickness: 0.19 in.
Blade Material:Bohler N690Co Cobalt enhanced stainless steel
Blade Hardness:59-60 HRC
Blade Style:Spear Point
Blade Grind:Hollow Ground
Blade Finish:Bead Blast
Edge Type:ComboEdge
Handle Length: 5.00 in.
Handle Thickness: 0.68 in
Handle Material:Akulon 6G6
Handle Color:Black or Safety Green
Frame/Liner:Dual Titanium liners
Weight: 5.50 oz.
Carry Method: 2-Position Pocket Clip 
Knife Type:Manual Opening Folder
Opening Mechanism: Thumb Stud
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock

Model Variations of the XR-1

I have seen the XR-1 in two color variations. Those being Black (as mine) and Safety green. Additionally, OKC also offers a full serrated version of the knife, but it is quite a hefty price. At the time of writing this, it was listed at $295.00.

Comparable Cost

2 Money Symbols is average in the market for the item.

Value for the Money

I believe the XR-1 tactical knife is a good value for the quality. That said I’m obviously a fan and therefore willing to spend a fair amount for something I really like. If I look at it impartially across competitors it is slightly on the high end of the cost scale. I do believe the fully serrated version mentioned above is overpriced at the current listed price.

Comparable Competitors on the Market

There are a number of what I would call comparable competitors for the XR-1 on the market, as is the case with most knives since it is such a saturated market. I’ve placed three Amazon Ad links below for some I think are good alternative options. Note on these choices. I do not have them and selected them based on similar capabilities and good user reviews.


The XR-1 Combat Rescue Knife is an excellent pocket folder to add to your EDC (everyday carry). OKC knives has done an excellent job with this folding knife. Whether you intend to use it as a survival knife, combat knife, or in your professional field I expect you’ll be pleased with this purchase.



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