Survival Mindset

Survival Mindset
Survival isn't only about skill-set. It's also highly dependent on mindset.

Mental State is Everything In Survival

Many people think that surviving the outdoors relates to survival abilities alone, however they’re absolutely wrong. To be able to effectively make it through the wild you likewise need to have a lot of psychological toughness as well as self-confidence. For lots of people, when they find themselves in a survival scenario, a ton of different feelings progress, whether it is being terrified, powerless, or perhaps angry. The most important element of making it through the event is having the ability to place those adverse feelings away and keep a calmness, cool, and steady head….. and most of all hold on to hope! Right here are a few tips to live by psychologically if you ever find yourself isolated in the wilderness.

Optimistic Mindset

First and foremost you have to keep a favorable perspective. As hard as it may be, there have been many individuals who have been lost in the wild, and yet had their mind’s set that they would eventually be located or would make it out…and they did just that. Losing hope and adopting a defeated attitude is a sure path to tragedy. So even though the situation seems dire or hopeless fight to keep a positive outlook, as your survival depends on it.


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Adaptive Mindset



You also must be able to adapt to the environment and requirements needed for the situation. This could entail doing things you may find repulsive in normal life such as eating insects. Though I can speak from personal experience once you hit a certain level of hunger food aversions become much easier to overcome. Even so it’s better to be ahead of the game and do what’s necessary early on so you don’t suffer malnutrition unnecessarily. The more nourished and physically ready you are the better in a survival situation. If you embody the true desire to survive you’ll do what it takes to persevere despite the conditions and circumstances.



Motivated Mindset



One technique many utilize for motivation during survival situations is to reflect on the ‘what’ they have to lose. This may be a family, a passion for a hobby, or something else. It really doesn’t matter as long as it’s something that you can focus on to give you motivation, courage and strength when times seem overwhelming. Think of all of the stories that you have actually listened to where individuals have made it through the wilderness, what they had to do, as well as the wondrous result of them being rescued. Focusing on these inspirational concepts will lead you to a better mind-set for continuing to endure the wild until your rescue.






Overall it’s really not rocket science or a hard concept to teach. That said it is still often the root of demise for those in survival scenarios.

Should you train, of course

Should you prepare, of course

But remember none of these things will save you if you lack the drive to survive!


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