Survival Gear for the Jungle: Must-Have Items for Your Kit

Survival gear for the jungle.
The jungle offers an awesome adventure, but also offers unique challenges and dangers. Learn what you need to pack to tackle this wild paradise.


When venturing into the jungle, it’s essential to have the right survival gear to ensure safety and survival. The thick vegetation, unpredictable weather conditions, and dangerous wildlife require the right preparation to survive.

Why you need survival gear in the jungle

The jungle is known for its unpredictable weather patterns, making it necessary to have appropriate clothing and shelter. Torrential downpours can also put you at risk of hypothermia if caught unprepared. Dangerous wildlife such as snakes and predators are prevalent, making it crucial to have the right tools to defend yourself. Injuries and illnesses can occur, making it vital to have supplies to treat yourself.

A black and yellow snake in the grass.

Factors to consider when choosing jungle survival gear

Choosing the right equipment can make all the difference in survival situations. When selecting survival gear for the jungle, some factors to consider include:

  • Durability, as the jungle can take a toll on equipment
  • Lightweight and compact gear for easy mobility
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof gear to stay dry
  • Multi-purpose items to save space
  • Self-defense tools such as knives or pepper spray (firearms are a given…I mean why would you be in the Jungle naked?).

By taking into account these factors, you can ensure that you have the right survival gear to stay safe and prepared in the jungle.

Navigation Tools

When venturing into the jungle, having the right navigation tools can make all the difference in ensuring safety and survival. The thick vegetation and lack of obvious landmarks can make navigation challenging, making navigation tools necessary.

Orienteering Compass


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Maps and compasses

Maps and compasses are traditional navigation tools that can be extremely useful in the jungle. Maps provide a visual representation of the terrain and geographical features, making it easier to navigate. Compasses, on the other hand, use the Earth’s magnetic field to determine direction and can guide you to your destination.

Garmin GPSMAP 67

Rugged Hiking Handheld, Expanded GNSS Support, 3in Display with Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle

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GPS devices and mobile apps

GPS devices and mobile apps are other navigation tools that can be used in the jungle. GPS devices use satellite signals to determine your location and provide navigation instructions. Mobile apps use GPS technology and can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet for easy access. These tools can be incredibly helpful but may not be reliable in areas with poor signal reception.

Having a combination of traditional and modern navigation tools can help ensure that you are always on the right track in the jungle.

Cutting Tools

When exploring the jungle, having the right cutting tools is essential to clearing a path and creating shelter. The thick vegetation in the jungle can make progression difficult, hence the need for cutting tools.

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri,Black
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Machetes and knives

Machetes and knives are traditional cutting tools that are very useful in the jungle. Machetes can be used to chop through thick underbrush and clear paths. Knives can come in handy for cutting vines, ropes, and other smaller tasks. However, one must be careful when using these tools to avoid accidents.

SOG FastHawk

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Axes and saws

Axes and saws are other cutting tools that can be beneficial in the jungle. Axes can be used for chopping firewood and building shelter, while saws can be used for cutting larger branches and trees.

Having a combination of cutting tools ensures you can handle a range of jungle obstacles. Safety must always be considered, and users should ensure they have proper training in using these tools.

A thatched hut in the middle of the jungle.

Shelter and Clothing

When exploring the jungle, it’s crucial to have suitable shelter and clothing to protect oneself from the elements. The dense foliage and unpredictable weather conditions can make staying in the jungle challenging. Therefore, it’s necessary to have appropriate gear to ensure one’s comfort and safety.

MIER Lanshan Ultralight Tent

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Tents and hammocks

Tents and hammocks are two options for jungle shelters. Tents provide more protection from insects and other potential dangers. However, they are heavier and more cumbersome to carry. Hammocks are lighter, easier to set up, and have the added benefit of keeping one off the ground.

Smart Option
STAR BRITE Waterproofing Spray

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Rain gear and waterproof clothing

Jungle weather is often unpredictable, so having rain gear and waterproof clothing is essential. A sudden downpour in the jungle can lead to hypothermia and other dangerous situations. Waterproof clothing keeps the body dry and warm, protecting from rain, humidity, and mud.

Jungle exploration can be an exhilarating experience, but it’s crucial to prepare adequately. Having suitable shelter and clothing ensures survival in the unpredictable jungle environment.

A woman crouching in front of a waterfall.

Water Purification

Safe drinking water is a top priority when exploring the jungle, as contaminated water is a common cause of illness. Therefore, it’s essential to have water purification systems to ensure access to drinkable water.

MWP Choice
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Water filtration systems

Water filtration systems are a reliable option for purifying water in the jungle. They remove impurities, including bacteria and parasites, effectively. However, they can be bulky to carry and may not filter out all contaminants.

Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets

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Water purification tablets

Water purification tablets are a lightweight and space-saving option for water purification in the jungle. They are easy to use and provide a rapid solution to water purification. However, they may not be as effective as water filtration systems.

Access to safe drinking water is vital in the jungle to prevent dehydration and infection. With the right water purification methods, explorers can lower the risks of illness and ensure a safe and enjoyable jungle adventure.

Fire Starting Tools

When exploring the jungle, having a reliable method to start a fire is crucial for cooking, warmth, and signaling for help if necessary.

UCO Stormproof

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Lighters and Matches

Carrying a lighter or waterproof matches is a convenient and straightforward method for starting a fire in the jungle. They are relatively lightweight and easy to use. However, they can be unreliable in humid conditions or if the fuel runs out.

MWP Product
MW Large Ferro Rod and Emergency Whistle Set

Firestarter and Signal | Modern Warrior Project

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Firestarter Kits and Magnesium Rods

Firestarter kits, which include a magnesium rod and steel striker, are a more reliable way to start a fire in wet conditions. Magnesium, when scraped, produces shavings that ignite quickly when exposed to a spark. However, they are bulkier and heavier than lighters or matches.

When exploring the jungle, it’s crucial to have a reliable method for starting a fire. Lighters and matches are simple to use, but firestarter kits and magnesium rods are better suited for wet conditions.

First Aid

While exploring the jungle, it’s important to prepare for potential injuries and illnesses. Here are some commonly used first aid items to consider:

EPG Field First Aid Kit (IFAK)
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Basic first aid kits

Every jungle explorer should carry a basic first aid kit that includes antiseptic wipes, bandages, medical tape, and pain relief medications. It’s crucial to keep the kit in a waterproof container to protect it from the jungle’s harsh environment.

Snakebite kits and medication

Snakes and other venomous creatures are often found in jungle environments. To prepare for potential bites, it’s advisable to carry a snakebite kit that includes suction devices and antivenom. I put that there to get your attention and discuss Snake Bite Suction Kits. They are big sellers and many people still believe in thier effectiveness, however for years now it has been accepted that they likely do more HARM than good and are at best ineffective. Simply Google it and read the various data yourself. Bottom line I would recommend against using or even bothering to have them.

In addition to your IFAK, it’s wise to bring medication for common jungle ailments, such as diarrhea and nausea and any known threats for the area you’ll be traversing.

When exploring the jungle, it’s important to prioritize safety by carrying basic first aid items and specialized supplies for potential injuries and illnesses.

Insect and Wildlife Defense

While exploring the jungle, one must always be cautious of wildlife and insects. To stay safe, here are some essential items to consider for defense:

Coghlan's Mosquito Netting
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Mosquito nets and repellent

Mosquitoes can be carriers of deadly diseases in the jungle, making it crucial to protect oneself from their bites. Carrying mosquito nets, repellent sprays or lotions can help reduce the risk of mosquito-borne illnesses.

UDAP Pepper Power Bear Spray

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Bear spray and animal deterrents

Jungles can be home to potentially dangerous wildlife like bears, snakes, and wild cats. Packing bear spray or deterrents like noise makers or bright lights can help ward off these animals and avoid potentially fatal encounters.

When exploring the jungle, being mindful of wildlife and insect risks and packing necessary defense items is critical for a safe and enjoyable experience.

A man hiking through a forest with a backpack.


In conclusion, venturing into the jungle is an exhilarating and challenging experience that requires careful preparation and the right gear. By packing the must-have items we discussed in this article, you can enhance your chances of survival and make the most out of your time in the wild. Remember to prioritize essentials like water, shelter, navigation, and first aid, while also considering the unique challenges of the jungle environment, such as insects, humidity, and dense vegetation. With the right survival gear and a mindset focused on adaptability and resourcefulness, you can navigate the jungle with confidence and emerge from this untamed wilderness with unforgettable memories. Stay safe, stay prepared, and embrace the wildness of the jungle!



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