Enhancing Communication Security: Prepper’s Guide to Spot Maps and Bigram Tables

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Enhance your communication security as a prepper with spot maps and bigram tables. Spot maps allow you to discreetly report locations, while bigram tables encode messages for added confidentiality. Safeguard your information from adversaries and stay one step ahead in your preparedness journey. Stay secure, stay prepared

In the world of prepping, communication security is paramount. As modern warriors, we understand the importance of safeguarding our information from potential adversaries. In this blog post, we will delve into two powerful tools that can significantly enhance communication security: spot maps and bigram tables. Let’s explore how preppers can effectively utilize these tools to protect their messages and locations.

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Spot Maps: Concealing Locations, Revealing Safety

Spot maps are a clever technique developed by British Army covert operators in Northern Ireland. They allow mobile teams to report their locations without compromising sensitive information. Here’s how they work:

  1. Gather Your Materials: Start by obtaining a map of your local area and colored sticky dot labels. Different colors can represent various types of roads, such as blue for motorways and red for main roads.
  2. Identify Prominent Points: Look for notable landmarks, road junctions, or easily recognizable buildings on the map.
  3. Apply the Dots: Place the colored sticky dots on these prominent points, indicating specific locations. Each color represents a different type of road or area.
  4. Report Securely: When communicating your location, refer to the color-coded dots on the spot map instead of explicitly stating the names of locations. This way, you can share crucial information without compromising operational security.

By utilizing spot maps, preppers can maintain the confidentiality of their locations, making it more challenging for potential adversaries to track their movements and plans.

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Bigram Tables: Encoding Messages, Ensuring Confidentiality

Bigram tables provide an effective method for encoding and decoding messages securely. Here’s how you can utilize them:

  1. Understand the Table: A bigram table is a grid that contains multiple repetitions of the alphabet, with variations in the frequency of certain letters. Familiarize yourself with the table’s layout and letter distribution.
  2. Encode Your Message: To encode a message, find each letter in the bigram table and note down the corresponding numbers on the top and side of the table as coordinates for that letter. Repeat this process for each letter in your message, creating a sequence of numbers.
  3. Decode a Message: To decode a message, reverse the process. Use the numbers from the encoded message to locate the corresponding letters in the bigram table, and then reconstruct the original message.

By utilizing bigram tables, preppers can ensure the confidentiality of their messages, making it challenging for adversaries to decipher their communications.

Conclusion: Spot maps and bigram tables are valuable (Primitive) tools in a prepper’s arsenal to enhance communication security. By concealing locations and encoding messages, preppers can protect their vital information from potential adversaries. Remember, consistency and diligence are crucial in maintaining a secure communication network. Stay prepared, stay safe, and stay connected.

Stay vigilant, Modern Warriors!



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