The How To On Improving Your Life With Herbs | A Holistic Approach

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Herbs are all natural and can be used on a daily basis along with a well-balanced diet. There are a variety of beneficial ways herbs can impact your daily life and health. Learn more in this article

Introduction to Herbs

Us spiritual folks just love herbs and with good reason. but if you’re not too sure about them and how they might be able to help you let’s take a look starting with our personal life.

Herbs can be grown in your back garden. You can buy them in the grocery stores or a health store. People even grow herbs on their kitchen windowsill. We use natural herbs to improve health.

Some Common Herb Uses

Herbs are all natural and can be used on a daily basis along with a well-balanced diet.  For example – Substitute salt by using thyme or marjoram. Pepper can be substituted with coriander seeds or basil. Try mixing different kinds of herbs in your recipes to change the taste and make it a little different. 

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People use herbs in their daily diet as well as treating their simple aches and pains. Using herbs is the natural way and sometimes it is a cheaper way to keep your body strong and healthy. Herbs are an option we have that treats misaligned joints.

Some Herbal Remedy Options

For relieving that awful stress that you’ve been under try using some Borage leaves.  When Borage leaves are used as a tonic this can help to get your glands back in order gently and naturally after being stressed out.

Culinary herbs can be used to strengthen the immune system and may help prevent cancer. If you don’t have any culinary herbs, grab yourself some – try using garlic, cumin, and green tea, for example – these are great supports for your body, along with a little exercise.  You need to keep the immune system strong to fight off viruses and other ailments.

There are many herbs that help fight off a cold or a respiratory problem. Elderberry is another great herb and it helps stop viruses from reproducing and getting worse. Take elderberry at the first signs of a cold.

When treating a cold you’ll find there are many herbs out that will help fight off that virus as well as work for others things too. Garlic again is good for the cold and respiratory system and it comes in cloves, powder or in a capsule.

Ginger Tea and Ginger Slices

Ginger comes in fresh chunks or a powder that can be used for treating common colds along with keeping the bowel system clean, since it supports the stomach, spleen and the intestines too. Make hot ginger tea when you are having cold symptoms to make you sweat that virus out of your body. Ever heard of Hyssop, another herb used to treat colds, it will loosen up the mucous.

Lemon Balm is used for treating depression because it helps to relieve stress. In addition, Lemon Balm has been known to relieve fevers when you have a cold or the flu.  When using the lemon balm try to use it fresh if you can but dry will work and can be found in most stores.

Peppermint is another good herb used to treat the cold and fever. Along with treating the cold, it is good to relieve an upset stomach and relieves pain.

Yarrow is best used to treat the fever that comes along with the common cold.  Yarrow is even better when mixed with Elderberry or Peppermint.

Research Your Herbs

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When using herbs you need to be careful that you take the right amounts and know the side effects that herbs can cause.  Herbs are safer than using drugs but they are still very strong.  There are side effects to using some herbs if not used properly and could cause fatal injuries and maybe death. So please do your research.

Read up and search for all the information you can find before using herbs.  Read the labels and be sure to read the warnings as not all people can use herbs for healing and general health precaution. If you don’t understand or are unsure about one don’t use it, taking the wrong one could do more harm than good. There are many great practitioners out there who can guide you so ask a professional.

If you’re over 65 and want to start taking herbs start out slow.  The older a person get their system may get weaker and if they are already taking any kind of drugs the herbs could cause a reaction. Watch for any new changes other than normal, a headache, and an upset stomach are just a couple of things could happen. If you are starting on herbs and get sick right after, stop taking and consultant your physician.

If you are taking medication, are pregnant or nursing or have a chronic illness always consult a professional before starting any herbal regime.

Herbal Conclusion

Overall though herbs that are used correctly under the correct supervision and understanding can be truly magical and yield amazing benefits.

Herbs help heal the soul, which promotes improvement of your personal life.

A true gem of mother nature.



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