The Bloody Perils of War: WWII Okinawa


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This book is the second book of three detailing the war experiences of Sergeant First Class Clarence Rathel in the Pacific Campaign of World War II and the Korean War. This book tells the surreal story of, “The Battle of Okinawa,” as seen through the eyes of Sergeant Rathel who served on the front lines, in battle. It praises the bravery and valor of the soldiers of the 77th Infantry Division, 307th Regimental Combat Team, as they conquered the Imperial Japanese in the battles of, “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Chocolate Drop Hill,” and the battle of, “The Three Sisters.” This book also includes important historical information leading to the Surrender of Japan. It tells of Prisoners of War, Missing in Action, and the Occupation of Japan. From panoramic war battles on the ground, Japanese snipers, friendly fire experiences, kamikaze attacks, and survival of a typhoon in the Philippine Sea, it’s a must-read.

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