T2 Static Command Target


Target Packs are sold in quantities of 1 | 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 | 500

The first (and only) Command Target that allows you to quickly download audible calls for use with the target. (See more below)

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The first (and only) Command Target that allows you to quickly download audible calls for use with the target. (See more below)

Key Features of the Target

  1. Full-Color Printing
  2. Dual Sized Shapes for Practical Use at Any Distances
    • 5” Shapes on Left Half
    • 6” Shapes on Right Half
  3. Staggered Left Side Shapes for More Focal Point Transition Options
  4. Large Font for Easy Identification at Distance
  5. 13 Basic Command Choices Means Nearly Limitless Target ID Combinations
    • Color (Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple)
    • Shape (Square, Circle, Triangle, Diamond, Cross)
    • Number, Even/Odd, Mental Math
    • Letter, Vowel/Consonant, Phonetic
    • Size (5” or 6”)
    • Background (White & Gray)
    • Quadrant (Top Left, Top Right, Middle, Bottom Left, Bottom Right)
    • Position on Side (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Shape Down)
    • Position in Quadrant (High/Low, Left/Right)
  6. Industry First “T2 Audio Playlists” Let Solo Shooters Train Alone
  7. Lightly Colored Background Makes Low Light Training Easier
  8. 1.5” Border on Left/Right Edge Minimizes Damage to Support Stakes
  9. Labeled for Easy Sorting by Trainers and Shooters
  10. QR Code for Solo Training and Quick Reordering
  11. One of the Primary Targets Used in OGC’s Tactical Course Catalog
  12. 23”w x 35”h

Target Packs are sold in quantities of 1 | 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 | 500

With 13 basic options for designating a target for shooters to engage, the Modern Warrior T2 is the most advanced, practical, and versatile command target on the market! In the process of creating our extensive shooting course catalog, we analyzed hundreds of skill building/discretionary targets and were incredibly frustrated to find there wasn’t a single product that would give us exactly what we needed. So, we gathered together our expert team of training developers with backgrounds in the private sector, law enforcement, and the military to design the T2. This target provides instructors with the highest degree of control and flexibility possible when polishing their Student’s fundamentals, focus, precision, target acquisition, and situational awareness. And for the first time anywhere, the Modern Warrior Project has created free audio playlists to allow shooters to train by themselves while still enjoying the full benefit of the system through the integrated QR code. In addition to scanning the QR Code our Shot Calls are in Podcast format on many of the major directories (See links below). Make no mistake about it: this is one professional grade piece of paper.

Modern Warrior Project T2 Target Playlist Image Link

The Why Behind the What of the Target


Look, we get it… Command targets aren’t sexy. But the right command target can make a serious impact on your training program by helping you develop lightning fast target identification, acquisition, and engagement skills which regularly mean the difference between success and failure – between life and death. The Achilles’ heel of all other command targets on the market is their lack of true versatility. When you train with only a couple of options for designating a target (generally shapes and colors), you significantly reduce the effectiveness of the mental aspect that command targets are designed to support. After a few iterations of the same old “Red Square”… “Both Circles”… “Both Green”… the shooter begins to quickly identify a pattern the instructor is following and can actually start to successfully hit the designated shape with little to no thought. Even if the instructor does a good job keeping it as random as possible, the shooter only has to focus on hearing a limited number of options. That means their response is primed and they can shortcut the Tactical Decision Making Process (TDMP). Thus, greatly negating the purpose of using a command target at all.

What’s even worse, many targets not only fail to provide adequate target ID options, but they seem to try and make up for it by covering every square inch of the paper with various other targets giving no consideration to their effectiveness (or lack thereof). We call this the “Swiss Army knife” approach. You know what we’re talking about… a tacti-cool mixture of a few undersized command target shapes with rows of 1” dots, the FBI “Q” outline, M16 zero grids, bullseyes, and so on. At first glance they may seem like a good use of space but it really ends up being a hot mess that does a lot of different things poorly.

That’s where the T2 really shines. We took the proven concept of discretionary engagement training and gave the shooter over a dozen ways to identify the desired shape. No more cheating yourself. No more subpar Frankenstein targets. We stayed focused on the real reason command targets exist and eliminated all the extra “BS” offered by the competition.


Variety is the name of the game.

We began the T2 by closely evaluating the distances encountered in common defensive handgun and duty rifle scenarios. This data led us to select shape sizes that would be easy enough to clearly identify within these distances but also challenging enough to force shooters to balance speed with accuracy. We then selected 5 easy to say/recognize shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, Cross, and a Diamond. These shapes have varying amounts of surface area which increases the degree of difficulty to hit. This let’s instructors focus on larger targets with the most surface area for new or struggling students while giving high performing students smaller targets with less surface area. We elected to offer two different sized shapes, 5 inches on the left side and 6 inches on the right, so that instructors and students could further push their limits and challenge high performing shooters by requiring a greater emphasis on precision. On the left side, the smaller shapes are laid out in a staggered column allowing for diagonal focal point transitions whereas the right side provides a purely vertical movement.

From there, we selected 5 distinct colors to add diversity: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple. Inside each shape is a high contrast, roughly 1.5” letter and number combination that make it easy for shooters to quickly read even at distance. The letter over the number, rather than side-by-side, minimizes the likelihood for a shooter to mistake the identifier and engage the wrong target. Each of the shape pairs are deliberately numbered and lettered so that they can be differentiated by even and odd numbers as well as by vowels and consonants. When the training distances increase beyond the usable value of the letters and numbers, shooters still have basic shape, color, background, and quadrant to choose from.

By dividing the target in half vertically with a white background on the left and gray on the right we’ve increased the choice in calling out a shape even more. The entire target is then further divided into 5 easily distinguished quadrants with letters and numbers again chosen to maximize target selection options.

We’ve even labeled the T2 in the lower right-hand corner to make preparing for training and sorting targets by instructors and students as easy as possible. When you’ve shot it all to shreds, the QR code in the lower left makes re-ordering only a short scan away!


The Modern Warrior Project understands that finding a training partner who can work around your schedule is difficult. But thanks to the T2, that’s no longer the case. Getting the full value out of discretionary engagement training has never been easier. We’ve recorded, and will continue to produce, audio files that will call out targets for you for those days on the range when you’re training by yourself. We make it easy to pick from single or multiple target options and when shooting at slow or fast paced intervals. In addition, we’ve given you the choice of how diverse the target options are. Simple Variety limits the commands to basic letter, number, and shape. Full Variety unlocks the total potential of the T2.

Rather than pack this target with useless and unnecessary features, we’ve distilled it down to perfection. Don’t let its simple appearance fool you. The T2 will challenge every aspect of a shooters tool box. When you’re training for the ultimate test, demand the best – Demand the T2.

*The T2 Target is the second in a line of paper targets that have been deliberately created to balance and complement each other in order to deliver a simple, affordable, and incredibly well-rounded approach to a complete training program. Check back often as we continue to release new targets!

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