If Nothing Else You Should Have Learned This From Covid 19

Covid 19 Lesson Learned
This article isn't really about the Covid 19 Pandemic, but rather the impact this situation has had on society. If you don't choose to learn from it you're making a big mistake.

This Article Isn’t Really About COVID 19

This article isn’t really about the Covid 19 Pandemic, but rather the impact this situation has had on society. I’m not going to discuss my opinion on the validity of the virus and response by the people and Nations. For the purpose of this article, the validity of the virus is for the most part irrelevant. What is key, however, is the impact it has had on us at the ground level. Because it goes without dispute that Covid 19 has affected us all at one level or another, and for most of us in a number of ways.

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Covid 19 Flight Cancelled

Bottom Line Up Front

It’s not generally common or wise to do this upfront on an article, but I’m going to go ahead and give you the general takeaway first. Prepping isn’t such an eccentric practice after all. As the entire world came to a standstill last year many people found themselves unprepared and fearful as a result. Having little to no preparation for an event such as a pandemic left many at the mercy of government assistance and charitable relief. Whether it was an awesome neighbor sharing some extra toilet paper or a stimulus check to help you cover some critical bills, many felt a level of vulnerability and dependency. If you fell into this group don’t be too hard on yourself as you are the majority, however, take this opportunity to learn from it and correct it.

Start Now

If you haven’t already I would encourage you to start prepping now! The further we get away from a lesson learned without action the more inclined we are to let it fall off in priority and eventually dismiss it. So rather than waiting until things settle down and you have the time, go ahead and start now.

 Empty Shelves at grocery store from covid 19 rush

Annotate the Covid 19 Pandemic Impact on You

Everyone has had their own unique experience with this outbreak and the various measures put in place to mitigate it. Consider the negative impacts that it had on you and your family. Even for those that are already seasoned in the area of emergency preparedness, I would encourage the same reflection. Take a little time and write down every negative impact and challenge you can think of that you had to deal with over the course of this global pandemic. Then consider how you could have pre-emptively put measures in place to minimize or completely mitigate those hardships. For instance, if you were one of the unfortunate families to be caught with no toilet paper then some solutions could be stock toilet paper, install a bidet, etc…These are solid solutions that you can begin to work toward so as to not get caught twice by the same situation.

As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me. If you pass this opportunity to better your ability to handle a known problem then you have no one to blame but yourself. I don’t mean to come off too preachy, but I see it a lot and personally don’t have a lot of sympathy for those who choose to stay in victim status when educated otherwise. Shortfalls, errors, mistakes, etc.. are a totally different story, I’m talking about apathy here.

Holding empty toilet paper roll

Action Your Lessons Learned From Covid 19

After going through the above exercise you should have a fair amount of different solutions to work towards now. Some of you may have quite a few and it may seem overwhelming. Especially from a budget standpoint. Financial difficulties were probably one of the biggest impacts from the Covid 19 response and are one of the more challenging solutions for most of us to overcome (such as saving up a six-month emergency fund), but don’t let that dishearten you. Instead, spend some time mapping out the best approach that fits within your budget and time constraints to work toward a solution. Getting prepared takes time, in fact, I would say it is a lifelong journey as you should always be re-evaluating and refining your preps. Accept this truth and work towards your goals slow and steadily and you will make headway and ideally, be much better prepared for the next crisis you face.

Begin To Think Beyond A Covid 19 Pandemic

If you’ve made it this far I would encourage you to begin to think beyond the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic and consider disasters and other events that could have similar impacts. Run through a similar exercise as above only this time it would be a list of potential scenarios, rather than ones you’ve actually endured. Nonetheless, the overall process is generally the same. Take the data and results these exercises provide you and begin to work toward the solutions. Ultimately this is what prepping is all about. If we strip away the negative mental images and eccentric pictures that Hollywood has painted it is really just a form of risk mitigation for you and your family. I personally don’t find that all that crazy.

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