Frugal Living: DIY Cleaning and Hygiene Products for Your Homestead

DIY Cleaning Supplies FI
Your homestead and you don't have to suffer without cleaning and hygiene supplies in a crisis. In this article we'll tell you how to make your own.

Something often overlooked by many preppers is cleaning supplies. Just like everything else in a collapse, the supplies will run out and become scarce. Cleanliness is still important despite what the outside world looks like. Beyond the aesthetics of a clean environment is the concern of bacteria, viruses, and other nasty things you don’t want to share space with for health reasons. The great news is you can make your own right at and build up your preps. All while saving money, and even in most cases creating a safer product for you and your family.

In fact, there are many non prepping types that already do this for health and environmentally conscious reasons. These people aren’t trying to homestead or have concerns with survival, they simply choose this route because they view it as eco-friendly and safer for their bodies. Deodorant, Toothpaste, Soaps, Candles, and a multitude of various cleaners can all be made right in your home without the addition of toxic chemicals.

Homestead General Cleaners

Let’s begin by looking at cleaners you may want to incorporate into your homestead. These products can clean your furniture and surface areas such as countertops, carpets, windows, dishes and more!

White Vinegar is an amazing all-purpose cleaning agent. Mix and dilute it with water, throw it in a spray bottle, and use it as your General All Purpose Cleaner. You can splash a few drops of essential oil into it to help provide a more pleasant fragrance as well.

-Need to clean the windows, Check…it does that
-Get Some Stains out of the carpet? Check…does that too.
-Clean up some nasty greasy surfaces? Yep…

You get the idea…..All Purpose in the true sense of the term.

Kitchen interior in simple country style

Shine Up the Homestead

Lemon Juice, Water, and some Olive Oil make a great furniture polisher too. So make sure and mix some of that up and you’ll have no problem keeping those wooden tops shining like new.

Keeping You Clean on the Homestead

Soap is another one that you’re going to want to use. In fact quite an important one. While keeping your environment clean is important, keeping your body clean is even more so. Ultimately, that’s what were aiming to protect. There are a ton of recipes out there for making every kind of soap you can imagine, whether it’s for your face, body, scented, unscented, etc… Plenty of options when it comes to soap. That said I recommend keeping it simple in the beginning as you learn and refine your skills.

Once you get your feet under you with the basic recipes you can then start experimenting and getting creative with your craft. Add some various oils, scents, and more to play around and fine something you really love and want to mass produce for your stores and in general are happy to use in your day-to-day from now on.

Homemade soap
Homemade soap

A very basic method for creating soap is getting some Lye, Water, and any oils you want to use in it. From there utilize what’s known as the Cold Press method by simply mixing the water and Lye first. Then add the oils and thicken the product to allow it to set up in a mold. Pretty Simple Right!

It’s still not quite ready to use yet though. You’re going to want to cure it for a few weeks in a well-ventilated area. Once cured you want to ensure you keep it dry (until ready to use obviously) to avoid it turning rancid.

Storage is pretty important and you want to make sure you do it right so you don’t end up ruining your product. Avoid direct sunlight (As with most things we store), and don’t seal it up in a container where it will sweat and eventually begin to rot as a result.

Another process you may want to eventually try your hand at is called ‘Hot Process’, and just like it sounds it’s essentially the opposite approach. Whereas you cook the mixture before you mold it. As I mentioned earlier you can with time get really creative with soaps. You can certainly opt to keep them basic and simple, or you can get luxurious with wild fragrances and even incorporate aroma therapy into your soap crafting. That’s all completely up to you, which is the great thing about self-reliance.

Homestead Laundry Soap

With our soap, we can get our bodies nice and clean, but we don’t want to turn around and throw on soiled clothes. So, you’re going to want to also make your own laundry detergent. which is fine, because I’m going to tell you how. Like the soap, it’s a pretty simple process. You’re going to mix Borax, Grated Soap, and washing soda to create a nice detergent. You can also add some scent if you like as well.

Of course in a downed grid situation, you’re not going to be using a commercial machine, but instead, some form of a tub and washboard to get them clean old school style. Just ensure you clean and thoroughly rinse them well before throwing them up on the line to dry.

displeased woman plugging nose with hand while applying deodorant on underarm

No Need To Stink on the Homestead

Deodorant is something you can put together with Cornstarch, Baking Soda, Wax, and Coconut Oil. Throw in some Tea Tree Oil for a good scent if you like.

To actually construct it you’ll melt the wax and oil together. Once melted you can mix in the other ingredients. From here you can form it into a stick or store it up in a mason jar or the equivalent if you like.

Oral Care for the Homestead

You can’t get easier than the most of basic recipes for toothpaste. Baking Soda. That’s it, simply sprinkle some on your toothbrush and get after it. While you can’t get any easier you can certainly do better than that alone. You could throw in a little mint, add some flavoring and have a quick mix paste.

Another alternative that is growing in popularity is to use a combination of Sea Salt and Coconut oil. This will help scrub away the plaque and tarter all the while protecting your gums and teeth.

How about Shampoo?

Not something I personally need (I shave my head), but I’ll share it with you anyway. One basic method is to combine a little liquid Castile Soap, some type of oil, and water. You can also of course add some essential oils for a good scent too.

In a pinch, a very simple recipe is a Tablespoon of Baking Soda and a Cup of Water. Store it away and use it as you need it. You don’t want to mass produce this as it may spoil before you use it, but then again why would you? You’re only adding a spoonful of Baking Soda to a cup of water. You can even make a simple shampoo out of a tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of water.

Want to freshen up the Homestead smell? How about making some simple Potpourri?

Throw together some essential oils, and orange peels (or another citrus if you prefer), and slow simmer it in water. When done put the finished product in a spray bottle and mist around areas of the house you want to freshen up the smell.

A handmade candle made of natural wax. Beeswax for homemade candles
Beeswax for homemade candles

How about some scented candles?

No problem, melt some wax of your choice. Soy or Beeswax works great. Add in some essential oils that provide the scent you desire. As the concoction is melting and mixing go ahead and prep the mold of whatever container you want to use by adding the wick into it. Then Simply pour the mixture into it, ensure your wick is setting well, and let it all set up. You’re ready to get some scented light in the house. If you’re storing these away try to avoid to warming of areas as they will melt and release the fragrances.



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