Strategies for Implementing Family Isolation During a Pandemic

A family standing in a room with the words isolation tips pandemic.

Warriors, when confronted with a disease outbreak, ensuring the safety of your family becomes one of your utmost duties. Achieving this objective requires careful planning, adequate supplies, and the mental fortitude to endure extended periods of isolation. Taking care of a sick family member while ensuring everyone’s safety can be quite challenging, especially when it […]

Constructing a Holding Area for Quarantine Purposes

Creating a Quarantine Area Cover

Introduction to Quarantine Covid has certainly brought the concern of an outbreak to the mainstream, however, the concept of a sickroom or quarantine set up in the home has been around for a long time. Those of us who exercise a prepared lifestyle typically have a plan in place for a scenario where a family […]

Antibiotics in Post Apocalyptic Times: Prepper Considerations

Antibiotics Prepping

WHY TEOTWAWKI ANTIBIOTICS? A serious concern for many preppers is the ability to receive medical aid in a full-on TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) situation. After all, in such a crisis, the system will certainly collapse and we will be left with who and what we know. Likewise, when it […]