Shooting Skills: A Comprehensive Review of Ideagle and Hiram BB Gun Targets

Person practicing archery with two different types of targets depicted for comparison.

In the world of BB gun enthusiasts, having the right target can significantly enhance practice sessions. Let’s delve into a comparison between two heavy hitters in the BB gun target industry: the Ideagle BB Gun Targets and the Hiram Resetting Target. Ideagle BB Gun Targets The Ideagle BB Gun Targets are engineered for the .177 […]

Mastering Room Clearing: A Simple Guide to Proper Method and Technique

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In today’s uncertain world, mastering the art of room clearing is vital for personal and home defense. This article provides detailed instructions and insights on this critical skill. Suspicious noises, forced entry, or activated security devices should prompt you to clear your home. Mental and physical readiness, along with the right equipment, are essential preparations. Stay focused and physically fit, and train regularly to develop the necessary skills.

Kids And Guns, Teach Them Young, Safely, and Correct

Kids and Guns Teach Them Young Featured Image

Introduction I assume this topic is probably a controversial one that many have a hard stance on. To each your own, but if you’re not educating your child on firearms and firearm safety you are playing with fire. That may seem counter-intuitive to some, especially to those who consider guns bad or dangerous. The problem […]

Primers: Boxers vs. Berdan

Primer Boxer vs Berdan Featured Image

While primers are a small part of the reloading process (pun intended), they play a significant role in the ammunition’s makeup. As such it’s a good idea to establish a solid understanding of them as you continue to refine your reloading craft. In this article, we look at the two style out there.

5 Reasons To Invest In Bulk Paper Targets

5 Reasons to Buy Bulk Paper Targets

Don’t buy your next order of targets until you read this article. We’ll tell you five reasons you should consider buying bulk paper targets rather than the way you typically do.