5 Reasons To Invest In Bulk Paper Targets

5 Reasons to Buy Bulk Paper Targets
Don't buy your next order of targets until you read this article. We'll tell you five reasons you should consider buying bulk paper targets rather than the way you typically do.

Save money

Shooting at an indoor range at MWP Target

Investing in bulk paper targets saves money and can save you time and energy when shooting. Many companies that offer shooting targets will give you a scaled discount according to the number of targets you buy. So you’re not simply increasing the count of your order or targets on hand, but truly reducing the cost per target for yourself by buying them in a larger quantity. We here at the Modern Warrior Project do just that with our targets. The more you buy the cheaper they become. Additionally, another cost savings we offer is free shipping for any purchase over a set amount, as do a lot of other companies. This is another potential area you can save money in by buying larger quantities. It’s often worth checking the shipping charges and seeing if such an offer exists and then making sure your order passes the amount needed to benefit from free shipping.

Hedging against price spikes

As many shooting enthusiasts are well aware the firearms and supply market is volatile and heavily influenced by current events. Often times when a tragedy occurs the media will launch large anti-firearms campaigns that result in the spiking of prices for firearms and ammunition. While those two are typically the most affected such events also can impact the accessory market as well. And those prices get passed along to consumers. My personal opinion is the best way to protect yourself from any price spikes that may occur is to have your ammunition stored in bulk quantities as well as a variety of firearms and accessories that you trust to be of good quality, especially if it’s one you use often. But it doesn’t just stop there. I also apply that same working practice to targets as well as other accessories such as magazines. You do this by taking advantage of good pricing opportunities in the market. Whether it’s a sale or just a good deal. If you have the means available go ahead and stock up now to avoid paying more later.

Hedging against scarcity of shooting targets

T2 is a Bulk Paper Target for sale at MWP

Very similar to hedging against price spikes as talked about above you also are hedging against market shortages. These can often go hand in hand but are still independent benefits of buying bulk paper targets. To be clear a market shortage is when the demand for a product so outstrips the supply that it quickly becomes rare and expensive. This will happen often in the shooting industry. Given you are here reading a firearms-related article it’s almost certain that you’re well aware of this happening. Just look at .22 ammunition. During the Obama administration, a shortage was caused by some government policy changes on selling military brass to ammo manufacturers (the government quit). After a long battle by the manufacturers, the policy was changed back and they were once again able to buy the brass surplus, however, the market has never recovered. The availability of .22 long rifle ammunition has never reached the abundant level of supply it was during the pre-shortage era.

While most shooters only consider shortages in the ammunition and firearms sales, with some of the more studious also considering magazines it truly does and can reach into other areas of the firearms industry. Paper shooting targets are one such area. Additionally, local laws and ordinances can at times impact availability for purchases. For instance, our T1 Static Threat Target (pictured below) can not be utilized at a state-run range in Massachusetts due to laws banning the use of human-style targets. This confusing law is often misunderstood by many range and shop owners in the state as well and those outside of its scope will not carry them simply because they don’t think they are allowed to. Regardless of the reasoning, the shooters in Massachusetts have a challenging time finding such targets locally. In fact, the only way they can acquire the T1 is through internet purchase. The bottom line by buying bulk paper targets now you are ensuring that regardless of what happens in the industry you have targets on hand the next time you’re ready to put some lead downrange.

Fewer disruptions in training time

Fewer disruptions in training time will occur because you can be prepared and ready with plenty of targets on hand when you need them. Most of us have had training or recreational opportunities pop up on occasion unexpectedly. It could be that for some reason you ended up with a day off, or just decided to go to the range on a whim that particular day. Whatever the reason it’s an unplanned event. If you don’t have targets already on hand you have to run to the nearest store and try and buy some off the shelf real quick. This obviously eats into your training time at best and ruins it all together at worst if you can’t find any in stock. Similarly, you may find yourself heading to the range with what you expected was a good supply, only to realize later it wasn’t quite enough. Whereas if you have a large quantity always on hand you can negate this by simply taking more than the expected need to the range with you. When you buy your targets in bulk you negate this problem. When you are running out of targets you can easily grab a new pack to replace the ones you are using. You won’t have to worry about not having targets on hand when you need them when you buy bulk paper targets.

Better Quality Training

Order Bulk Paper Targets of good quality like the T1

By buying your targets in bulk at your leisure you don’t have to settle for a sub-standard product. Instead, it affords you the opportunity to be selective about the particular targets you utilize to train with. It’s a much better situation to buy them based on your research and knowledge of the product rather than out of necessity simply because you want to go to the range tomorrow and are willing to take whatever your local shop has in stock right now. Buying bulk paper targets allows you to stock a large supply of your preferred targets which in turn provides you with a more productive and generally better range experience. Bulk targets can be purchased in many different styles and sizes that fit your particular training goals. I would encourage you to check out our T1 and T2 targets as they are two of the most effective and advanced paper targets currently in the shooting marketplace.

Conclusion on Buying Bulk Paper Targets

In closing, we’ve discussed a number of valid reasons you should consider buying your targets in bulk. There are obviously benefits from doing so and your proficiency and general enjoyment in the shooting sport can benefit from the practice. We do understand that sometimes our budgets just don’t allow for larger purchases, however, it may not be as expensive as you think. You can easily set in a fair amount of our targets to supply the average shooter for quite some time for less than $100.00. Even so, don’t let a tight budget dissuade you from considering stocking up your supply of targets. You can still slowly build up your supply with smaller purchases. While this practice does negate some of the benefits discussed here…primarily the savings made by buying in bulk there are still plenty of benefits had by this approach.

What do you think a good amount of targets are to have on hand? How many do you typically keep on hand? Tell us in the comments below.



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