5 Crisis Water Conservation Tips To Exercise in a Disaster

Water Conservations Tips Disaster
Properly Utilizing and Conserving water in a disaster crisis can increase your chances of survivability in a slow recovery. In this article we look at 5 tips to help you along.

If you follow my writing at all you know I’m big on water. It’s one of those things that just can’t be overstated. Dehydration can kill you a lot faster than starvation. Knowing this you should give it the proper amount of attention in your prepping.

The fact is that many natural disasters and other SHTF situations can easily leave you without water. There are a myriad of things that can affect your water from your house to the source. To include the actual treatment facility being damaged during the event. In such as case as that you may still have water coming to your house, but it will be contaminated. Keeping this in mind you should always exercise preventive measures and treat your water during a crisis if there is any chance this has happened. You can boil it or use another method such as purification tablets like we offer in the shop here.

Flood disaster in residential areas

This article however is not to go deep into that, but rather to share some considerations you can take to conserve water when in a crisis and needing to reduce your usage for the purposes of a limited resource.

Many don’t realize just how much water we use as a family on a daily basis. Especially those of us blessed to live in a first world nation where we’ve grown accustomed to simply turning on a faucet to meet our needs.

General hygiene such as bathing, brushing our teeth all use a fair amount of water. Cooking, Laundry, Flushing the toilet, and many other activities in your house are using up water. Make sure you have a good idea of how much you are typically using during a day.

  • Use a glass of water

When brushing your teeth or washing your face, always use a glass of water to do it. You’ll know exactly how much of water you’re using. If you leave the tap running, you’ll be wasting water.

  • Shampooing

You only need to shampoo your hair once a week. Men who wish to take things one step further could shave their head bald. When you have no hair, there’s a lot less maintenance involved.

  • Wet towels

Soaking a towel in water and using that towel to wipe yourself down will really help to conserve water. Showers use up a lot of water. So, you may wish to take a shower once every 3 days and just use wet towels on the other 2 days. You can even use wet towels to wipe your face instead of washing it.

Alternatively, you could get a camping shower such as our 5-Gallon Solar Shower and use that to shower. You’ll be able to save water, and it’s more convenient than pouring a bottle of water above your head. Additionally, this water doesn’t have to be safe to drink if you’re not consuming it.

  • Hand sanitizers

Instead of washing your hands often, you can use hand sanitizers that are just as effective.

  • Recycling water

This is a tip that many preppers are unaware of. The water that you use to brush your teeth and wash your face, can be collected in a pail and poured into the toilet bowl to act as a flush.

Besides these tips, there are many ways you can save water if you are constantly aware about your limited supplies and focus conserving and rationing them.



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