10 Must Know Prepper Kit Terms

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Master the language of preparedness with our comprehensive guide to Prepper Kit Terminology. Learn about EDC, Bug Out Bag, INCH Bag, Get Home Bag, Vehicle, Medical, Survival, Pandemic, Pet Survival, and Power Outage Kits to enhance your readiness for emergencies

Today, we’re diving into the world of preparedness with a comprehensive guide to Prepper Kit Terminology. Knowing the different types of kits and their purposes helps us understand the purpose of the gear we need for crises and increases our readiness for emergencies. So, let’s get started!

EDC (Every Day Carry)

The EDC (Every Day Carry) is a collection of essential items that you always carry with you to tackle daily tasks and unexpected situations. These items typically include a pocket knife, a flashlight, a multi-tool, and a small first-aid kit. These essentials can make your daily life easier and increase your preparedness for unforeseen events.

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Bug Out Bag (BOB)

A Bug Out Bag (BOB) is your lifeline during the first 72 hours of an emergency evacuation. This kit has food, water, shelter materials, a first aid kit, and navigation tools, enough for three days. These items are designed to help you survive and reach a safe location during an emergency.

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INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) Bag

The INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) Bag goes a step beyond the Bug Out Bag, preparing you for indefinite survival. This kit includes a substantial supply of food and water, a comprehensive medical kit, and tools for building shelter. The INCH bag is filled with unique equipment that matches your abilities and the difficulties you may encounter, getting you ready to survive for a long time.

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Get Home Bag (GHB)

The Get Home Bag (GHB) is designed to help you reach home safely during a disaster. This kit typically includes water, snacks, a change of clothes, basic first aid items, and a compact shelter. The GHB ensures you can navigate through unexpected situations and return home safely. These are typically stashed away at locations you spend a fair amount of time at such as work or school.


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Vehicle Survival Kit

A Vehicle Survival Kit prepares you for situations where you might be stranded in your car. This kit includes emergency food and water, warm blankets or a sleeping bag, and road flares or signaling devices. It also contains a basic tool kit and essential repair parts (Belts, Tire Patches, etc..). These items can help you survive a night or two in your vehicle and handle minor repairs.

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Medical or First Aid Kit

A Medical or First Aid Kit is crucial for handling emergencies. It includes bandages and dressings, antiseptics and ointments, pain relievers and medications, and medical tools. These supplies can help you manage minor injuries and medical issues until professional help is available. These are more robust than what you pack into your other kits; rather these are dedicated Medical Bags.

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Survival Kit

A Survival Kit is a collection of basic tools and supplies prepared for emergencies. This kit typically includes water purification tablets, fire-starting equipment, a knife and multi-tool, a compass, and a whistle. These items can keep you safe and meet your basic survival needs during an emergency. These kits or packs are usually smaller in size. Often small enough to wear on a belt. The intent with these are lean, but well thought out emergency survival supplies. Typically, these kits or packs are smaller in size.

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Pandemic Kit

A Pandemic Kit is designed to protect you during health crises. It includes face masks and gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfectants, and essential medicines and vitamins and other pandemic related supplies. Things like items needed to create a quarantine room. This kit can help you and your family stay safe and healthy during a pandemic.

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Pet Survival Kit

In the face of emergencies, our furry friends often get overlooked. A Pet Survival Kit ensures that your pets are taken care of during such times. The kit should have pet food and water to keep them fed, a leash and collar for control and safety, and pet medications for their health needs. Don’t forget comfort items like toys or blankets that can help reduce their stress. Remember, during emergencies, pets can experience anxiety and fear too. A Pet Survival Kit helps meet your pet’s needs, so you can focus on your family’s safety without worrying about your pets.

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Power Outage Kit

Power outages can occur unexpectedly and last for an unpredictable amount of time. A Power Outage Kit is an ideal tool to help you navigate these situations. Include flashlights, extra batteries, a portable charger or power bank, and non-perishable food items in the kit. You might also consider including a battery-powered or hand-crank radio to stay updated on news and emergency broadcasts. Having a well-prepared Power Outage Kit ensures your safety, comfort, and access to information during a power outage. This reduces the inconvenience and potential risks of being without electricity.

In conclusion, understanding these prepper kit terminologies can significantly improve your preparedness for various emergencies. Remember, the key to survival is not just having the right gear but knowing how to use it effectively. Make sure and follow our blog and Youtube Channel for more tips and guides on preparedness and survival!



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