Bug Out Events | You Should Rehearse Them

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It’s great you have a bug out plan, but that’s only part of the battle. Proper rehearsal is key to successful implementation. We discuss how to do just that in this article.

Evacuation Planning Considerations During a Disaster

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Introduction to Evacuation Planning Considerations Emergencies can happen any time, and it is important you are prepared. You could be well-prepared for a situation, however if there’s an earthquake and also the house comes crumbling down, Whatever fresh food you have been keeping will be destroyed. The structural stability of the house will be threatened […]

Bugging Out : Dog Bug Out Bag

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Every dog owner should be prepared for any unforeseen event that may cause them and their dog to leave home quickly. Though situations like this are rare, we still have to prepare in case they happen. You want to be able to grab their bag out bag and start moving immediately.