How The SPRS Works

Feedback is one of the most critical components of any training program. Without clear, objective, actionable feedback from their instructors a student can only ever hope to be as good as they can make themselves. As an instructor, and more importantly a large training company, employing a strong, effective, and consistent feedback process for student performance evaluations must remain a top priority. The Modern Warrior Project’s continued efforts to improve the quality of training across the entire industry while providing credible standards resulted in the creation of the Student Performance Rating Scale (SPRS). The SPRS has been deliberately designed to eliminate the guesswork for both instructors and students so every training iteration translates into usable feedback.

Some of the key benefits of the Student Performance Rating Scale include:

A Simple 1-2-3 Scale

The SPRS is built on the proven 1-2-3 scale used by many of the military programs of instruction our team has attended and/or run. The primary difference is that the MWP has expanded and further defined the meaning of each number to deliver more useful information to students than the traditional “Needs Improvement – Good Enough – Great” approach. This transition came when our Director of Training attended a two-week course at the US Navy Test Pilot School and subsequently revisited the    1-2-3 system. After careful review, and based in part on the 1969 Cooper Harper model used by NASA to evaluate performance, the MWP established the Student Performance Rating Scale and adopted it as the standard for all student training and instructor development reviews.

With the SPRS instructors can quickly communicate incredibly valuable feedback in the form of a single number (1-2-3), or if they choose, a single number/letter combination (1A/B – 2A/B – 3A/B/C) for greater insight.


See the rest……. and use the SPRS?