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Modern Warrior Project Black Label Reports are company internal and Client commissioned surveys aimed at improving the quality and relevance of our training, services, and products as well as enhancing our overall understanding of a particular topic. Although there are aspects of original reports which are considered proprietary and therefore excluded from any publicly available versions, there is much we learn that can benefit the community as a whole. As part of our continued commitment to the training industry we so love, we will always release whatever portions of our Black Label Reports that we can to the public at minimal prices in digital format and print.

Volume 1 of the Black Label Report series is a fusion of related studies and statistical data from more than 25 credible sources of documents/resources. It has been made by and for operators and trainers. This BLR takes a long and detailed look at Violent crimes in the United States, Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted (LEOKA), Justifiable Homicides, Officer-Involved Shootings (OIS), and gunfights. By consolidating a tremendous amount of relevant and reliable information into a single cohesive document we hope to aid military, police, and civilian organizations and individuals in better focusing their training efforts.

The Black Label Report, Volume 1 contains over 125 pages and 140+ full-color charts and graphs detailing:

92 Real Self Defense Gunfights Caught on Film
1,808 Officers Feloniously Killed over 31 Years
2,184 Officer-Involved Shootings over 78 Years and 7 Police Departments

14,207 Justifiable Homicides over 22 Years
1,141,183 Officer Assaults over 20 Years
7,981,195 Violent Crimes in the 5 Years between 2013-2017

Black Label Report V1 Chart 2

The Black Label Report provides invaluable insight into common questions like:

  • What is the volume, frequency, and type of violent crime that occurs in the United States?
  • Why types of weapons are used to commit murder?
  • How often do law enforcement officers and private citizens defend themselves by justifiable homicide?
  • What type of weapons are used most often to kill law enforcement officers?
  • What caliber ammunition is used most often to kill law enforcement officers?
  • Where are most law enforcement officers shot when they suffer fatal wounds?
  • How often are law enforcement officers killed while wearing body armor?
  • What circumstances lead to the most law enforcement officer fatalities?
  • What month, day, and time are law enforcement officers most likely to be assaults or killed?
  • What weapons are used most often by criminals while assaulting law enforcement officers?
  • When do most Officer-Involved Shootings (OIS) take place?
  • What is the average distance of a gunfight?
  • How accurate are trained police officers during a gunfight?
  • How many shots are fired during a shootout?
  • How long does a gunfight last?
  • What type of perceptual distortions are experienced during a gunfight?
  • What are the immediate and long-term psychological effects of surviving a gunfight?