7″ Survival Knife w/ Firestarter


If you’re looking for a very budget-friendly simple survival knife and firestarter this is the set for you. It is cheap enough to buy a few to throw in your bags and kit as spares for those times you need one.

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This is an entry-level (read cheap) survival knife. It is a total length of 7inches with a 3in blade and a 4 inch Paracord wrapped handle. The set includes a Nylon sheath and a firestarter.  This knife is made in China. A couple notes on these knives and knives in general of this quality. They are worth grabbing a few and placing as spares in various areas and bags. They are also not bad as an introductory knife or something you plan to abuse. We (MWP) recommend a higher-quality knife as your primary tool if your budget can afford it. That said they will still get the job (most of them) and serve their purpose.
Notes on Paracord handles. I (Shane) have mixed feelings about these. It’s great to have the extra benefit of paracord available if needed. Even so, they are not the most comfortable for an extended work hold. They also have a habit of eventually loosening, which isn’t huge but does take a little effort to tighten back up.

Note on this firestarter. The firestarters that come with these knives have a habit of the rod (fire rod) coming loose and out of the handle. This is due to poor or inadequate glue used to secure it into the handle. I have had luck with regluing them with a high-quality glue such as Gorilla Glue, but you should be aware of this known issue.

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Dimensions 7 in