Mitigating Your Digital Footprint in the Current Age

Mitigating Your Digital Footprint in the Star Wars Era.

In today’s digital age, our online activities leave behind a trail known as our digital footprint. It goes beyond just where we go online, capturing every action we take. From hovering over ads to changing our minds about exiting a page, sophisticated tracking programs monitor and process our behavior, creating detailed profiles. While this is primarily used for commercial purposes, we should also be wary of nefarious activities and protect ourselves. In this article, I’ll provide tips to safeguard your digital footprint and maintain online security and privacy. It’s important to stay informed and mitigate risks while enjoying the benefits of technology.

Cash Camouflage: 5 Ingenious Ways to Stash Your Money at Home

Money money money!

In today’s world of digital transactions and online banking, the idea of stashing cash at home may seem outdated. However, for those who still prefer to have some physical money on hand, finding clever and secure hiding spots within your living space is essential. Welcome to “Cash Camouflage,” where we’ll reveal five ingenious ways to […]

The 5 Vehicle Type Considerations A Prepper Should Own

The remains of a crashed plane. Iceland. Side of volcanic beach.

If things get ugly you want to be prepared. That’s why it’s called prepping. Part of that formula is having modes of transportation locked down to facilitate movement during a SHTF scenario. When it’s time for survival, or when you’re planning to live on your own homestead off the grid, you want

Atomic Lighter by BulbHead – Fuel-free – ReChargeable

Person, lighter, blue candle.

Lighting things in an emergency can be scary if you are out of fuel. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about that any longer. The atomic lighter by Bulbhead is the easiest way to get something lit without needing lighter fluid.