5 Looming Pandemic Threats

World map highlighting 5 looming threats of potential "super pandemics on the horizon" with explosive imagery at various locations.

Introduction Overview of the 5 looming pandemic threats Amidst the global pandemic aftermath, we must focus on the future and the health risks that may arise. While it’s not pleasant to contemplate, understanding these threats is a crucial step in preparing and protecting ourselves and our communities. In this article, we will delve into five […]

Secret Stash Spots: Where Preppers Can Safeguard Valuables at Home

A man is putting money in a couch with the words hide it prep edition.

Introduction Welcome to the world of prepping, where having secret stash spots is essential for safeguarding your valuables. As a prepper, you understand the importance of being prepared for any situation, including the need to protect your assets. In this blog we will delve into different hiding spots and concealment techniques. Discover effective ways to […]

Surviving in a Dangerous World: Tips from the Modern Warrior Project

A man with a backpack is standing in front of ruins, ready to conquer this Dangerous World.

This post will explore some of the survival skills and tactics provided by the Modern Warrior Project, providing valuable insights and guidance for navigating dangerous situations. In today’s tumultuous world, being equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle challenging situations is crucial. The Modern Warrior Project offers a diverse range of training expertise in […]

Mitigating Your Digital Footprint in the Current Age

Mitigating Your Digital Footprint in the Star Wars Era.

In today’s digital age, our online activities leave behind a trail known as our digital footprint. It goes beyond just where we go online, capturing every action we take. From hovering over ads to changing our minds about exiting a page, sophisticated tracking programs monitor and process our behavior, creating detailed profiles. While this is primarily used for commercial purposes, we should also be wary of nefarious activities and protect ourselves. In this article, I’ll provide tips to safeguard your digital footprint and maintain online security and privacy. It’s important to stay informed and mitigate risks while enjoying the benefits of technology.