Kids And Guns, Teach Them Young, Safely, and Correct

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Introduction I assume this topic is probably a controversial one that many have a hard stance on. To each your own, but if you’re not educating your child on firearms and firearm safety you are playing with fire. That may seem counter-intuitive to some, especially to those who consider guns bad or dangerous. The problem […]

Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond

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In this article we take a close look at the Hornady Interbond and the Nosler Accubond. We break them both down and compare the two for your consideration.

Take Your Situational Awareness to the Next Level: Learn How

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Situational awareness is a topic that gets a considerable amount of attention in our Comprehensive Situational Control (CSC) course. Rightfully so, as good situational awareness literally can mean the difference between life or death in a number of critical situations.

Primers: Boxers vs. Berdan

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While primers are a small part of the reloading process (pun intended), they play a significant role in the ammunition’s makeup. As such it’s a good idea to establish a solid understanding of them as you continue to refine your reloading craft. In this article, we look at the two style out there.

8 Tips for the Next Course You Attend

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Get the best value and experience out of your next training course by implementing these 8 expert tips. Written by the Senior Course Developer for the Modern Warrior Project these simple yet important measures will help ensure you have a successful experience at your next course.

What Koalafying Taught Me about Leadership

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Leadership Those who have ever been in the military, and even college, have probably had a great chance that they were subjected to some pretty stupid things in reference to what some might call hazing.

Common Course Glossary: Tactics

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Check out the Modern Warrior Project Common Course Glossary: Tactics for standardized terms often used in the industry. This is a community effort and we look forward to your help in growing and standardizing modern Tactics terms.

5 Reasons To Invest In Bulk Paper Targets

5 Reasons to Buy Bulk Paper Targets

Don’t buy your next order of targets until you read this article. We’ll tell you five reasons you should consider buying bulk paper targets rather than the way you typically do.