A Look At The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw Featured Image

Your survival kit should include a pocket saw, but most on the market are garbage. Check out the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw before you go out and grab one for your bag.

Formerly Homeless Man Provides Survival Tips

Homeless beggar man sitting outdoors in city asking for money donation.

In this interesting twist on survival we share homeless tips offered by an individual that’s survival experience was different than what we typically think of in the industry. The anonymous author share a few tips he gathered during his life homeless on the streets. The definition of “wilderness” varies from person to person. But, whether […]

Featured Product | Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter Review

Low angle shot of a man is trying make a fire in the forest.

You Need A Firestarter Having a fire starter in your bug-out bag is a must, if your evacuation plan during a disaster is to camp outdoors. Bugging out in the outdoors will require you to start fires for cooking or to keep warm, etc. While most people will have a lighter with them, lighters can […]

How To Make Char Cloth

Char Cloth Up Close

Char Cloth is an excellent resource for the survivalist and prepper. Learn how to easily make it at home in this article and accompanying video.

Wicked Tree Gear Tough Handsaw Review

Wicked Tree Gear Saw Review - 1200 x 600 px

What is it The Wicked Tree Gear “Tough Handsaw” is essentially a pocket-sized folding hand saw. The saw comes with an optional scabbard. It’s a relatively popular portable saw option for hunters, and the general outdoorsman. The Wicked saw has a positive push-button locking mechanism that secures the blade in both the open and closed […]

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