DIY Supermatch: The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Addition to Your Bug Out Bag

A man in front of a poster with the words diy super match.

Join Shane as he demonstrates a budget-friendly DIY project for your survival kit – the ‘supermatch.’ Perfect for bug out bags, this easy and effective solution ensures a long burn time, essential for any outdoor adventure. Learn to make this waterproof, redundant-proof fire starter now.

Selecting the Perfect Survival Shelter Location: Basic Considerations

In the wilderness, finding the right location for your improvised shelter is crucial for survival. This article provides essential guidance on choosing the ideal site based on factors such as safety, resources, and protection from wildlife. From avoiding poisonous plants to assessing elevation and available materials, these considerations will greatly increase your chances of success in any survival situation.

Finding Water in the Wild: Tips and Tricks for Survival Enthusiasts

Autumn forest with creek

Water is a fundamental resource that is essential for survival, and this holds especially true for those venturing into the wild. As a survival enthusiast, knowing how to find water in the wild is crucial for your well-being and survival. In this article, I will share some valuable tips and tricks to help you procure […]