Comprehensive Guide to Home Cooking and Canning: A Prepper’s Checklist

Begin home canning with this Prepper's Guide to creating an Emergency Food Supply.

As a prepper, mastering the art of home cooking and canning is an essential skill. It’s not just a budget-friendly and healthy way to care for your loved ones, but it also guarantees a dependable food source in times of crisis. This comprehensive guide will provide you with a checklist of necessary supplies and crucial […]

Essential Survival Gear: Crafting Your Perfect Bug Out Bag

The crafting bug out bag.

🎒 Discover the Lifesaving Essentials of a Bug Out Bag! I’ve been a prepper for over 25 years, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that readiness can be the thin line between survival and disaster. In this video, we dive deep into the must-have components of a Bug Out Bag and an INCH […]

DIY Supermatch: The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Addition to Your Bug Out Bag

A man in front of a poster with the words diy super match.

Join Shane as he demonstrates a budget-friendly DIY project for your survival kit – the ‘supermatch.’ Perfect for bug out bags, this easy and effective solution ensures a long burn time, essential for any outdoor adventure. Learn to make this waterproof, redundant-proof fire starter now.