The Economy | Prepping Ahead For Dire Times

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Life is good, especially when you have money in the bank and the economy is healthy. The question is, what happens when the economy fails, and money becomes obsolete? You have to find a way to survive. If you can’t get goods during a crisis, you and your family may not survive one. We’re going […]

Kids And Guns, Teach Them Young, Safely, and Correct

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Introduction I assume this topic is probably a controversial one that many have a hard stance on. To each your own, but if you’re not educating your child on firearms and firearm safety you are playing with fire. That may seem counter-intuitive to some, especially to those who consider guns bad or dangerous. The problem […]

Don’t Let Kindness Make You a Victim

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Courtesy and Good Manners are excellent quality and should be your normal default. However, there is a point that they can push you into dangerous territory and potentially make you a victim. Learn to understand when and where you should shift your behavior in favor of safety.

Is our Freedom of Speech Lost: A Nexus of Corporate Oppression

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Our Freedom of Speech is being stripped away. Over the last few days corporate giants made an unprecedented move and dismantled Parler a social media platform. Regardless of your politics, you should be highly concerned with this step towards silencing the public.