Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond

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In this article we take a close look at the Hornady Interbond and the Nosler Accubond. We break them both down and compare the two for your consideration.

Bug In vs Bug Out: A Primer on the Topic

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Bug in vs. Bug out is an important consideration when putting together your family preparedness plan. Read through this article for an excellent primer to get you started.

Principles To Follow For Survival Shelter Location

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There is a multitude of reasons you could find yourself needing an improvised shelter. Maybe you truly have found yourself in a survival situation, or maybe you simply want to practice your survival skills. Regardless of the reason, the basic consideration of selecting a survival s….

Survival Water Products: Considerations and Options

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Water is a Key Element to survival. Do you plan and treat it as such? In this article we discuss considerations and options to implement into your water survival prepping and plans as well as discuss a number of product options that may be right for you.

Don’t Let Kindness Make You a Victim

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Courtesy and Good Manners are excellent quality and should be your normal default. However, there is a point that they can push you into dangerous territory and potentially make you a victim. Learn to understand when and where you should shift your behavior in favor of safety.

Modern Warrior Project Instagram Tactical Photo Contest

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Have an Awesome Tactical Photo? Share it and have a chance at winning a $100 Amazon Gift card if you get the most votes. What are you waiting for, upload your photo, share this to Social Media and encourage your friends to go vote!

Is The Thera Cane a Tool You Need? Modern Warrior Project Review

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What is the Thera Cane? In short, it’s an amazing tool that allows you to get at those hard to reach areas and provide a deep pressure massage feeling without the help of a partner. I absolutely love mine and have traveled with it for around the last seven years now. I don’t leave home […]

Take Your Situational Awareness to the Next Level: Learn How

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Situational awareness is a topic that gets a considerable amount of attention in our Comprehensive Situational Control (CSC) course. Rightfully so, as good situational awareness literally can mean the difference between life or death in a number of critical situations.

The Waterbrick, Great Addition for Preppers?

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Hopefully, you recognize that water is one of those life essentials and as such keep some as part of your bulk storage plan. If not then I highly encourage you to start, and if so you may be interested in the Waterbrick Stackable Water Container. Check out our review below and see if it’s right f..

The Survival Rule of 3 Broken Down

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You’ve probably heard the term passed around here and there. The Survival Rule of 3. In reality, it would be better labeled as a survival principle than a rule, but regardless it serves as an excellent ‘rule’ to follow when prioritizing your survival needs.