Primers: Boxers vs. Berdan

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While primers are a small part of the reloading process (pun intended), they play a significant role in the ammunition’s makeup. As such it’s a good idea to establish a solid understanding of them as you continue to refine your reloading craft. In this article, we look at the two style out there.

8 Tips for the Next Course You Attend

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Get the best value and experience out of your next training course by implementing these 8 expert tips. Written by the Senior Course Developer for the Modern Warrior Project these simple yet important measures will help ensure you have a successful experience at your next course.

What Koalafying Taught Me about Leadership

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Leadership Those who have ever been in the military, and even college, have probably had a great chance that they were subjected to some pretty stupid things in reference to what some might call hazing.

Common Course Glossary: Tactics

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Check out the Modern Warrior Project Common Course Glossary: Tactics for standardized terms often used in the industry. This is a community effort and we look forward to your help in growing and standardizing modern Tactics terms.